“Story Island at Skylark Cafe is an amazing magical group for little ones (and adults too!). We had lots of fun having adventures on our picnic and acting out the story through songs, rhymes and props. Emily creates such a personal welcome and a creative environment for children to explore, develop and use their imagination. The group is very child focused and encourages you and your child to re-live the story together. The best thing about it is you can be any age to enjoy this group as each story brings many different experiences for you and your child. We look forward to more adventures on Story Island with Emily” Lizzie Marsden, Nanny

         “Emily enchanted both fans of the traditional storytelling form, and those to whom it had become a lost  art with her warm ways and accomplished skills as a teller. Her enthusiastic rendition of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ on ukulele – with hearty audience accompaniment encouraged – blew the roof of the joint! She ranks among the guaranteed good times to be had with no batteries required. We particularly loved that she came with her own bunting!” Bee Trudgeon, Porirua Children’s Librarian

         “It was lovely having Emily at the New Zealand Chocolate Festival. She provided a surprising and delightful addition to the festival, with chocolate stories for young and old.  We think listening to chocolate stories is another great way to enjoy chocolate. It’s chocolate for the mind, body and soul. Thank you Emily for enriching the festival, and our imaginations.” Frank Stoltenberg, Co-director, New Zealand Chocolate Festival.

  “An inclusive story with singing, actions and lots of fun. All the children were engaged from beginning to end. Thank you!” Reception class teacher, Boucher C of E Primary School

       “Dear Emily, thank you so much for the storytelling and singing session for the residents of George Potter House. The reactions from everybody was exceptional and it is very clear that storytelling and singing is an excellent tool for reminiscence. I do hope that we can repeat this in the near future.” Wendy Abram, Senior Activity Coordinator, George Potter House (nursing home)

“It was lovely storytelling – we really loved it and would like to hear a lot more. Beautiful stories and music. Many thanks.” Audience member, Tooting Community Garden Open Day

    “Emily, thank you so much for the stories – they were both lovely and so fantastic to see our little log circle in use for the first time!” Charles Whitehead, Transition Town Tooting organiser

   “I loved your mythological stories. I need to hear them a few more times to let their meaning slowly sink in. Thanks!” Audience member, Tooting Community Garden Open Day

       “Two wonderful, unusual stories very skillfully told. I was captivated as was my two and a half year old! (to my great surprise). Many thanks. Audience member, Oscar Wilde Fairy Tales storytelling performance


‘Beyond the Book’ – Story Skills for Parents and Carers

“I feel that my imagination is ‘up and running’ again!”

“It helped spark up the imagination and also gave me the tools to make up stories on the spot for my daughter – something I am now doing often.”

“My daughter asks me to tell her stories on a daily basis now so she is giving me the confidence to create and tell her more stories.”

“I enjoyed the different segments to each class. I thought that was great. Initially it was about relaxing ourselves and teaching us to be willing to open up our minds and ideas, the class then lead on to techniques on how to tell/write a story and also what structure or shape a story should take. “

“I enjoyed having the freedom to let go with our imaginations without fear of being judged.”

“You created a very warm and welcoming environment. You are a lovely teacher. I felt safe and able to give things a go.”

“Having participated in the course I feel confident I have the very basic skills that enable me to come up with something that the children in my family might enjoy listening to. “

“Putting all the exercises into practice on my own and telling my own story at the end was the most satisfying part of the course for me. Once I had the idea I was actually quite surprised by how easily it came together using the learning techniques”

“I really enjoyed watching you storytelling and I think I learned a huge amount just from watching you work.”

Grand-Along Workshop

“The Grand Along ranked among the highest highlights in A-Long Hot Summer Story Festival. It was a unique, multi-discipline, all-ages inclusive event of the kind we would be fortunate (and wise) to run more of. Many participants arrived quite unsure of what to expect – after all, I doubt anyone had ever attended such an original event before. This made the triumph even sweeter, when visiting staff, curious as to what we’d cooked up, remarked upon the tangibly warm feeling generated by the interplay between presenters Emily and Greet, and the many ways they found to engage the entire group.  A first rate workshop I hope more people have the chance to witness.” Bee Trudgeon, Porirua Children’s Librarian

Dynamic Story times Workshop:

“It was great… so many strategies and ideas. It has inspired me to find out more.”

“Thank you Emily. This has made storytelling less ‘scary’.”

“I learned how to make a story come alive and have more depth.”

“I have never thought of myself as a storyteller but putting into practice these strategies I think I could do it.”

“Thanks so much Emily, it was an enjoyable, enlightening, worthwhile workshop.”

Storytelling and Story-making with Elders:

“We all joined in and no-one was left out. We got to think for ourselves. It was gorgeous!”  nursing home resident

         “I’m flabbergasted and amazed. The response from the residents was excellent… the dipping into the imagination to produce weird and wonderful stories” Activities coordinator, George Potter House nursing home.