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My storytelling style is relaxed, intimate and engaging and often punctuated with music. This might be just me singing with my trusty ukulele or harmonica. Sometimes I have some help from some of my wonderful musician friends or other storytellers. I love to tell stories rich in imagery, and full of metaphors and meanings to be mined for like precious gems.

I am experienced in telling stories to people of all ages and perform regularly in all sorts of venues: primary schools, senior citizens centres, aged care homes, pubs and festivals and for private parties – wherever people want to hear stories.

I have organised storytelling performances featuring a range of stories, tellers and songs. I am also experienced in telling stories to help celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

    “Emily, thank you so much for the stories – they were both lovely and so fantastic to see our little log circle in use for the first time!” Charles Whitehead, Transition Town Tooting

   “I loved your mythological stories. I need to hear them a few more times to let their meaning slowly sink in. Thanks!” Audience member

The story always old and always new.

Robert Browning, The Ring and the Book